How to join our email list

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Neighborhood Association

Austin, Texas

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How to join the Yahoo Group (anyone can join)



    1.  Go to -->

    2.  Click on "Join"

    3.  Follow the instructions


If you don't already have a Yahoo ID, you will have to create one. This does not create additional spam from Yahoo because you can uncheck (opt out) of receiving email from Yahoo.

You can also decide whether to receive email from the Eastwoods Neighborhood Association as they occur, receive a weekly synopsis or not receive anything. The latter option would allow you to go to the Yahoo Group at your leisure to retrieve emails.

The Eastwoods Neighborhood Association (ENA) welcomes residents, property owners and other people with an interest in the Eastwoods neighborhood, to join our low-traffic information/discussion email list.

This list is used primarily by members of the Eastwoods Neighborhood Association for communicating important and timely information.