How to join the


Neighborhood Association

Austin, Texas

       All residents living in the boundaries of Eastwoods or owners of businesses here are welcome to join the Eastwoods Neighborhood Association.


       Others who wish to support the goals of the Association may join the Association as non-voting "Associate members". 


       All Association members are encouraged to participate in monthly meetings where ideas are exchanged, information is disseminated and important decisions are made. We welcome your input!


       The Association uses a Yahoo Group to communicate timely information via email. All Association members are required to join the Yahoo Group. It is (currently) an un-moderated Group and other interested citizens are welcome to join.

To join our Yahoo Group, click here.

How to join the Eastwoods Neighborhood Association


·   Dues: $10/year.

·   Check payable to "Eastwoods Neighborhood Association"

·   Send to: ENA, 600 Bellvue Place, Austin, TX 78705