This is a collection of websites that have information about

the future plans that affect the Eastwoods neighborhood and the City of Austin.


· The Central Austin Neighborhoods Planning Area Committee -  serves as the steward of the Combined Central Austin Neighborhoods Plan.


· Austin Neighborhoods Council - city wide umbrella organization to support neighborhood interests.


· My Neighborhood - city wide map of services: Fire stations, police offices, parks, libraries, landmarks.


· Imagine Austin - a comprehensive plan that provides broad-level guidance on how Austin will grow and develop into the future. It guides development within City limits, as well as within the City’s extra-territorial jurisdiction.


· Current and future plans for Waller Creek - by the City of Austin's Watershed Protection Department  


· A Biography of Waller Creek - A Case Study in Urbanization and Environment


· Waller Creek Conservancy's time-line - A brief history of Waller Creek since 1839 


· Waller Creek Tunnel Project - Flood control tunnel located downstream from Eastwoods neighborhood



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