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    Welcome to the Eastwoods Neighborhood Association website. This Association is a dynamic organization comprised of civic-minded people who are responsible stewards of the neighborhood. The Eastwoods neighborhood has a unique cross-section of residents including long-time Austinites, professionals, retirees, young families and college students. This blend of people contributes to a wealth of excellent ideas for our neighborhood.


    This website is designed to introduce Eastwoods neighbors to the Association and the neighborhood - and encourage neighbors to participate in the important decisions that affect their neighborhood. It will also inform you of the history of the neighborhood, showcase Eastwoods Park and Waller Creek and give you some important information about city services such as police, recycling and others.


    Eastwoods neighborhood is located just northeast and adjacent to the University of Texas at Austin campus. It is bounded on the north by E. 32nd, on the east by IH35, on the south by Dean Keeton St. (formerly E. 26th St.) and on the west by Duval St./San Jacinto St.


    Residents of the Eastwoods neighborhood and other interested citizens of Austin are encouraged to join and participate in monthly meetings where ideas are exchanged, information is disseminated and important decisions are made. If you would like to participate in shaping the future of the Eastwoods neighborhood, click on "How to join the Association" in the main menu.


    Roam around this website where you can read about the history of the Eastwoods neighborhood, find links to important city services and explore the neighborhood and Eastwoods Park through photographs.


    We encourage Association members to make suggestions and comments about this website. They may contact us at  info@eastwoodsaustin.org

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A message from the President

of the Eastwoods Neighborhood Association


    Greetings!  We hope you enjoy the Eastwoods Neighborhood Association’s web site. Our good neighbor Jim Schwobel has spent long hours of volunteer time putting it together and now others can pitch in if they want and tell stories or suggest content. We want the site to be informative about our neighborhood - past, present and future. We want people to learn about folks who lived here over time and made significant contributions that we want to know about and remember.


    We are a small neighborhood, as associations go. But we have neighbors who have contributed valuable time and talents to our park and to planning for the future of the neighborhood. This is our place, and we welcome everyone who lives here, owners, renters, and business owners, to participate with us in the Eastwoods Neighborhood Association.


    All politics, as they say, are local, and neighborhood associations are the basic building block of Austin’s political life. Most Austin neighborhoods now have Neighborhood Plans, which have been developed under City auspices and are used to guide future land use and neighborhood improvements. The process of developing these plans can bind a diverse group of neighbors into a strong commitment to a common vision for their neighborhood. That was our experience when our Neighborhood Plan was adopted in 2004 as part of the Central Austin Neighborhoods Combined Planning Area (CANPAC), which covers seven neighborhoods adjacent to the UT campus. We have representatives on the Plan Team responsible for implementing the plan and ensuring that it is followed. You can see the plan on the City website by clicking here.


The best way to preserve your property values and assure that the neighborhood where you live maintains a good quality of life is to actively participate in your neighborhood association. Sometimes neighborhood association work is tedious, and even boring. Sometimes it is contentious, as people are bound to differ on decisions for the association. I have experienced all those realities, as I have been involved in neighborhood work since I moved to Austin in 1979, first in West Austin, then Hyde Park, and now in Eastwoods. I was president of the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association in the mid-1990s and currently serve as president of the Eastwoods Neighborhood Association. I was also on the Plan Team that developed the 2004 Central Austin Combined Neighborhoods Plan, and I continue on the Plan Team.


Neighborhood organizations are the most basic element of democracy and they depend on citizen involvement to function. I encourage everyone to join us and attend neighborhood meetings to participate in protecting and improving our part of Austin. AND – it is a great way to get to know your neighbors!



Lin Team


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